Be Heard... Make a Difference... Make New Friends

If you're looking for a different way to help out the synagogue, perhaps you should consider joining a committee. Our committees meet to discuss and plan different aspects of the synagogue. Below is a list of the committees at Temple Sinai.

List of Committee Chairs

  • Adult Education: Esther Bliss
  • Beautification Committee: Arlene Salkin
  • Board of Education: Melissa Schrier
  • Book Club: Dorothy Minkoff
  • Building & Grounds: John Stevens
  • Bulletin: Jamie Figiel
  • Calendar: Elaine Pinchuk
  • Choir: Arlene Salkin
  • College Student Outreach:
  • Families with Young Children: Melissa Schrier & Skye Silverstein
  • Fix-It Crew: Marty Rose & John Stevens
  • Fundraising: Stacey Blacker
  • Gift Shop: Fay David and Esther Bliss
  • JCRC Representative: Paula Pappas
  • Membership:
  • Men's Club: Robert Bliss and Rob Karen
  • Ritual Committee: Greg Rappaport
  • Sisterhood: Rachael Wise & Wendy List
  • Social Action: Paula Pappas
  • Youth Activities: Ellen Weiner

Ritual Committee

With the guidance of the Rabbi, Ritual Committee members make decisions concerning the Religious aspects of the Synagogue. Examples of issues that may be discussed are those concerning Kashrut, Service times, prayer books, music at Shabbat Services, amount of Hebrew at services, photography on Shabbat, etc. You don't need to be highly knowledgeable or observant, but merely have a desire to share and learn more about the religious aspects of Synagogue life. The Ritual Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Synagogue. Contact Greg Rappaport,

High Holiday Service Committee

As a subcommittee of the Ritual Committee, the High Holiday committee is in charge of assigning Aliyot for the High Holiday Service, providing ushers, mailing tickets and maintaining decorum throughout the holidays.

Board of Education Committee

The Board of Education (BOE) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Temple Sinai Religious School. Broad topics include setting the philosophy of the school, establishing and enforcing policies, writing/evaluating/revising the curriculum, assessing faculty and making employment decisions, supervising expenditures, and preparing the annual operating budget for the Board of Directors. The Board of Education Committee also has oversight responsibility for the Temple Sinai Nursery School.

While having children in the Religious School is not a requirement, our goal is to have Board Members with children in all three divisions of the Religious School so that the Board is representative when making decisions.

The BOE meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Temple Sinai or on Sunday mornings. Regular attendance is a requirement of this committee. Contact Melissa Schrier: for more information.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for membership recruitment and retention. They create programming and policy to recruit, welcome and integrate new members into synagogue life. They are also concerned with retention, encouraging members to participate in congregational activities. Fresh ideas and additional committee members are always welcome.  Contact Rose Rose at 856 858-6953.

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee makes decisions concerning the beautification of the building. They decide what should be placed on the walls, what types of furniture additions are needed and more. If you have a flair for synagogue decorating contact Arlene Salkin 856 234-7226 and join the Beautification Committee.

Building & Grounds

The Temple Sinai structure is over 45 years old, so there is always a new challenge with the building or grounds that needs attention. This committee helps to identify and prioritize problems, find contractors and oversee their work. Please contact John Stevens 856 829-1916 for more information.


If you are handy and have a few hours to occasionally invest in the Synagogue, bring your tools and join the Fix-It Crew, which fixes the small and not-so-small physical infrastructure problems. At times the Fix-It Crew may be seen painting the building, fixing a roof tile, or hanging a shelf. Contact Marty Rose at 856 858-6953.

Youth Activities Committee

The Youth Activities Committee arranges for a Kadima program of extra-curricular activities for elementary school children. This committee plans, organizes and supervises all social, cultural, athletic and religious programs for congregational youth through non-school activities fostering Kadima and USY programs.

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee is charged with the mission of helping congregants fulfill their obligation of Mitzvot by sponsoring programs and activities to lend a hand and improve the South Jersey community. Temple Sinai participates in food drives, clothing drives, filling back-packs with school supplies and much more. This committee is always looking for fresh new ideas and members. Contact Paula Pappas 856 665-5869 for more information.