Liat Pelman-Forst

Cantor Liat Pelman-Forst came to Temple Sinai in 2006 as our cantor for the High Holidays. “It was love at first sight,” said Cantor Liat. “I felt the congregation’s wonderful energy, warmth and inspiration. Working together with Rabbi Fineblum was a blessing and an honor. Seeing so many children of different ages was most rewarding and promising”.

Cantor Liat was born in Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union. As a teenager, together with her family, she made Aliyah to Israel. Thirteen years later she came to New York City.
Prior to Aliyah to Israel, Liat attended the State College for Music Teachers in Moldova for four years, majoring in piano and voice. She received her Bachelors Degree in music education from Midrasha L’Morey Musika in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In 2006 Liat was ordained a Cantor by the Academy for Jewish Religion in Riverdale, NY.

Liat’s professional experience included teaching music and performing as a lead vocal artist of an internationally known musical ensemble. In the Jewish community Cantor Pelman-Forst worked as a Cantor, Choir Director and Hebrew School teacher. All of the varied experiences and cultures of her life’s journey have contributed to Liat’s development as a person and a Cantor.

During Liat’s cantorial ordination her presenter, Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, Executive Vice President of the Academy for Jewish Religion, said: “When Liat leads congregation in prayer, there is a palpable sense of awe, as she states her case before G-d. Her delight and pleasure are in clear evidence when she leads people in joyful prayers of hope and thanks. The beauty of Liat’s davenning is not just in her strong and engaging voice, but also in her ability to project the meaning of the liturgy through her entire being. The experience is extraordinary and fulfilling.”