Cruise Into 60!

Celebrating Temple Sinai’s 60th Anniversary – Temple Sinai is turning 60 years old!

The past 60 years has taught us that no matter what stage of life we currently occupy or what destination we seek, Temple Sinai can be there to share our journey, support our goals, and enhance our lives with a strong and caring Jewish foundation.  From the Temple Sinai Nursery School (which recently turned 50 years old and is STILL kindling the curiosity of young minds!) to Hebrew School, through Bar or Bat Mitzvah and beyond, Temple Sinai played and continues to play a major role.

Though your path may have taken you hundreds or thousands of miles away, your contributions and past deeds are still and will always be at the core of the Temple Sinai mishpocha – your first and forever synagogue! 

Today, we reflect on our blessings for having 60 years of learning together, praying together,  celebrating our holidays and joyous mitzvot together and perhaps most memorably, being there for each other in times of sadness and grieving. 

If distance or physical limitations keep you from joining with us in person, you can still participate through the miracle of technology.  Yes, we Zoom with the best of them: 

  • Friday night services, Shabbat morning, Torah Sparks, Havdalah, Wednesday morning minyans (supporting those in mourning or recalling loved ones). 
  • Special programs for physical, spiritual, and mental well-being.
  • Stimulating seminars taking on vital issues from fighting hate to how to combat and recover from addictions.  

Reach out!  Link in!  And start your reconnection to Temple Sinai by setting sail with us on Sunday, September 11th when we launch the 60 Year Celebration with an IN PERSON Dinner Dance Cruise – see the invitation attached on the website. It offers a great venue to rekindle old relationships and start new ones!

If you are unable to personally participate in the September event, you can still take part of the 60th Anniversary Celebration.  Send us a note of congratulations or a TS memory and our ship’s captain or emcee will share it with the attendees.  

Want to make even more of an impact and help Temple Sinai continue to be a pillar of the community?…  Yeah?  Then please make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one.  You may direct it to one of the vital projects that Temple Sinai will be working on after the coming High Holidays: 

  • Project 1 – Dedicating classrooms, Garden areas or Wings
  • Project 2 – Beautifying the Grounds 
  • Project 3 – Establishing Foundations and Scholarships
  • OR, come up with a project of your own – something meaningful to YOU and your family

Please contact the TS office to discuss your ideas for a monumental donation or click on the Venmo link shown below.

Thank you for your continued love, support, and the role you have played and hopefully will continue to play in further shaping the Temple Sinai mosaic.

CHEERS to 60 years!


  • The Atz Family, since 2000
  • The Barnett & Schrier Families, since 1974
  • The Beck Family, since 2010
  • The Berlin Family, since the 1990’s
  • The Blacker Family, since 1967
  • The Bliss Family, since 1992
  • The Broudy & Cohen Families, since 1972
  • The Caroff Family, since 1983
  • Sandra Castellanos, since 2020
  • The Chodikoff Family, since 1976
  • The Alan Cills Family, since 1967
  • The Eileen Cohen, Dressin, Cutler & Fineblum Families, since 1985
  • Debbie & Reuven Cohen and Family, since 1977
  • The Coleman Family, since 1994
  • The Croft Family, since the early 2000’s
  • David Cutler Family, since 2000
  • The Dash Family, since 1970
  • The David Family, since 1966
  • The Desman Family, since the 2000’s
  • The Deutsch Family, since 2017
  • The DiFazio & Urbanski Families, since 2014
  • The Dix Family
  • The Engle and Silver Families, since the 1990’s
  • The Eron Family, since 2016
  • The Eskow Family
  • The Figiel Family, since 2003
  • The Gaffin Family, Founders in 1962
  • The Geller-Clark Family, since 2000
  • The Goldberg, Weiner & Beluch Families, Founders in 1962
  • The Goldberg Family, since the 2000’s
  • The Golden Family, since 1974
  • The Goldfarb Family, since 2006
  • Neil Goldfarb, since 2021
  • The Goldstein Family, since 2020
  • The Gorenberg Families, since 1963
  • The Grobman Family, since 1982
  • The Hassis Families, since 1994
  • The Herrmann Family, since 2015
  • The Hirsch Families, since 1963
  • The Hochman Family, since 1990
  • The David Horowitz Family
  • The Horowitz Family, since 1991
  • The Cills & Hyder Familes, Founders in 1962
  • The Ingis Family, since 1974
  • The Jack Israel Family
  • Carol Janes
  • The Jeney Family, since 1988
  • The Josephs Family, since 2005
  • Issa Kabeer, since 2020
  • The Karen Family, since 1997
  • The Karp Family, Founders in 1962
  • The Katz Family, since the 1970’s
  • The Kessler Family, Founders in 1962
  • The Khanlian Family, since 1990
  • The Kirschner Family, since 1988
  • The Kohn Family, Founders in 1962
  • The Kramer Family, since 2020
  • Maria Landazuri-Herbst, since the 2000’s
  • The LaVerghetta’s, since 2021
  • The Levy Family, since 2010
  • The Lewis Family, since 2021
  • The Lipsky & Misselhorn Familes, since 1970
  • The List & Shane Families
  • The MacKinnon Family, since 2007
  • The Margolis Family, since the 1960’s
  • The Melletz Family, since the 1970’s
  • The Minkoff & Schaffer Families, since 1974
  • The Nemiroff Family
  • The Pappas Family, since 1997
  • The Perice Families, since 2020
  • The Perry Family, since the 1980’s
  • The Picknally Family, since the 1990’s
  • The Mendelow & Pinchuk Families, since 1966
  • The Rafelson Family
  • The Rappaport & Gilper Families, since 1984
  • The Roberts & Struhl Families, since 1987
  • The Rose Family, since 1997
  • The Rosenbaum Family, since 1967
  • The Rosner Family, since 1991
  • The Rubinsky Families, since the 1980’s
  • The Safirstein Family, since 1987
  • The Salkin Families, Founders since 1962
  • The Siegel & Zablin Families, since 1996
  • The Solomon Families, since the 1970’s
  • The Staiman Families, since 1976
  • The Stein Family, since the 1980’s
  • The Stern Families, since 1970
  • The Stevens & Sbar Families
  • Warren Suckonic, since 2021
  • The Summers, Motto & Smulowitz Families, since 1974
  • The Tatz Family, since 1984
  • The Schoss & Traube Family, since 2013
  • The Turoff Family, since 2020
  • The Silverstein & Vitale Families, since 2015
  • The Wise Family, since 2007
  • The Wolk-Kaufman Family, since the 1980’s
  • The Yellin Families, since 1971

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