Temple Sinai Happenings – April 23, 2021


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Shabbat Services

Friday, April 23 at 7PM


  • Sadie & Joseph Colton – grandparents of Alan Kramer
  • Rita Ebner – sister-in-law Joan Karp
  • Constance Ryan – mother of Pat Ryan
  • Jane Talvenheimo – sister of Carolyn Eron
  • Anna Tatkovsky – mother of Debbie Roberts

Saturday, April 24

at 10:30 AM

ZOOM ID # 867 890 4477

7:00 PM

Havdalah with Rabbi & Rachael Perice

ZOOM ID # 867 890 4477

Pour a cup of wine and grab your cinnamon spice as we bring in the week with light, fragrance, a sweet sip of wine and a shout-out to Elijah the Prophet.

Each Wednesday:

8:20 – 9:00am Morning Minyan

ZOOM ID # 867 890 4477

  • Shelly Brenner & Jodi Brenner Kratchman
  • Joan Demp
  • Stella Geller, mother of Perri Geller-Clark
  • Issa Kabeer’s mother
  • John Khanlian
  • Alan Kramer
  • June Margolis
  • Nancy Schwartz
  • Lydia Struhl

Sunday, April 25rd

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Temple Sinai Outdoor Cleanup

Join Temple Sinai this Sunday for our outdoor cleanup!

Bring tools, gloves, and your mask!

Introduction to Breathwork: Benefits, Science, and Practice with Stacy Cohen Learn the science and technique of breathing to help calm and sooth the nervous system, reduce stress and aid in self regulating emotions.

Tuesdays :

April 27th, 7-8 PM

May 4, 7 – 8 PM

May 25, 10-11 AM

Join us on ZOOM


Contact Stacy Cohen at PeaceOfMindBreath@gmail.com

with questions.

Happy Anniversary to:

  • Josh & Rhonda Cohen, celebrating 17 years together on April 25

Happy Birthday to:

  • Rich Figiel, celebrating on April 23
  • Riley Figiel is turning 18 years old on April 24
  • Audrey Safirsten, celebrating on April 27

Collect them at home or at your place of business and bring them into Temple Sinai.

Place them in the box just outside the Temple Sinai Office.

Mazel Tov to:

Ethan Schrier

son of

Jonathan & Melissa

on his upcoming

Bar Mitzvah

Saturday, May 1st

Chair Yoga For All Ages

Zoom ID # 867 890 4477

with our own Yoga Instructor, Jill Croft

Mondays at 11 AM and

Wednesdays at 4 PM

Meeting ID: 867 890 4477

Join us in loosening and stretching muscles, reducing stress, and improving circulation. It also reduces anxiety, helps lower blood pressure, protects joints, and builds strength and balance.

Shabbat Walk

in the Park

Saturday, May 1

at 2:00 PM

Palmyra Cove Nature Center. Meet in the parking lot. Contact Jill Croft with questions.

Book Club

This is How it Always IS
by Laurie Frankel
Thursday, May 12
at 7 PM

Join Us On Zoom: ID 867 890 4477


Temple Sinai Library


DISCONTINUE ALL BOOK DONATIONS for the time being in preparation for renovations to the Temple Sinai Library. We will not be accepting any book donations or donations of any other materials for the time being.

Movie Club
Winter Hunt
Thursday, May 20
at 7 PM
On a mission of vigilante justice, a young woman goes to extremes to seek reprisal against a suspected ex-Nazi, in the psychological thriller WINTER HUNT. Powerhouse performances and a taut script fuel this edge-of-your-seat drama about wartime guilt and culpability across generations.

Temple’s Zoom account Meeting ID 867 890 4477