Temple Sinai Happenings – December 2, 2022

Temple Sinai and Moorestown Jewish Association come together for…


Special Film Screening

THIS Sunday, December 4

at 2PM

at Temple Sinai


Viewing of

“Rebuilt from Broken Glass”

“Rebuilt from Broken Glass”, based on the memoir, is a documentary about Holocaust survivor Fred Behrend, who witnessed the flames of Kristallnacht in 1938.  At age 12, seeing synagogue after synagogue on fire, he was soon fleeing Nazi tyranny. As a GI several years later, he achieved his own victory over the Nazis, teaching democracy to German POWs. Yet at age 92, he discovered one last triumph still awaited—a miracle 80 years in the making. 

The film earned an Honorable Mention

in the New Jersey Film Festival.

Friday, Dec 2

Shabbat Service at 7:00 PM 

(Hybrid) in person at Temple Sinai

in the Fineblum Chapel and on Zoom


Saturday, Dec 3

Shabbat Morning Service and Torah Discussion

at 9:30 AM

(Hybrid) in person at Temple Sinai

in the Fineblum Chapel and on Zoom



Friday, Dec 9

Virtual Shabbat Service

at 7:00 PM

Service on Zoom filled with Chanukah music as we look forward to Chanukah.   


Saturday, Dec 10

Shabbat Service and Torah Spark on Zoom  at 9:30 AM



Friday, Dec 16

Shabbat Service at 7:00 PM 

(Hybrid) in person at Temple Sinai

in the Fineblum Chapel and on Zoom


Saturday, Dec 17

Shabbat Morning Service and Torah Discussion at 9:30 AM

(Hybrid) in person at Temple Sinai

in the Fineblum Chapel and on Zoom


Monday, December 12

at 7:00 PM on Zoom

We’ll be reviewing “Lessons in Chemistry”

by Bonnie Garmus


Join Us On Zoom: ID 867 890 4477



Future Book Club Books:

Tues, January 10th  –  The Guncle by Steven Rowley
Wed, February 1st  –  Beartown  by Frederik Backman


is right around the corner…


Give the gift of


Shop the Temple Sinai Judaica Shop for all your Chanukah Shopping



The Judaica Shop will be open:

  • Sunday, December 4: 1:30 PM (prior to film showing)
  • Sunday, December 11 student shopping during Religious School; Shop open for parents and others from 11AM – 12:30 PM
  • Sunday, December 18: 11AM – 12:30 PM (during Chanukah Party)
  • Always by appointment.  Call Esther Bliss at 856-764-7308 or 609-217-5284   or Call Fay David at 856-829-8160, 856-829-6611              

Food Books Make Great Gifts 

Cost:  $10.00

$6 goes directly back to Temple Sinai.

Book is good until Sept. 30, 2023

Food Books may be purchased in  the Temple Sinai Office by way of cash, check or Venmo Temple Sinai (include on memo line: “donation, food book”.)

Buy as gifts for your hairdresser, nail person, teachers, postperson, etc.

There are so many places, to eat and shop.

Contact Elaine Pinchuk at 609-313-0188 or Amy in the TS office 856-829-0658 with your order or questions.


Hanukah Krispy Kreme



$12 a dozen



Order from any student in the Temple Sinai Religious School or from Amy in the Temple Sinai office.  Choice of glazed or jelly.  Orders and payment are due by December 11th. Donuts may be picked up at Temple Sinai on December 18th. 

Chair Yoga

For All Ages

Zoom ID #


with our own Yoga Instructor, Jill Croft


Mondays at 11:00 AM and Wednesdays

at 4:00 PM

Join Jill Croft as she helps you to loosen and stretch muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation.  Yoga can also reduce anxiety, help lower blood pressure, protect joints, and build strength and balance.    Do it at your own pace and start on the road to health.  

Every Tuesday

10:30 -11:30 AM

Zoom ID# 8678904477


Help Temple Sinai Plan: We get together over Zoom and do a little planning to help Temple Sinai navigate the future.  We could use your input. All are welcome. 


Order Your

Mahjong Card

through Temple Sinai

by January 15


New cards are $14.00 regular size; $15.00 large print  

(Extra fee is a small donation to Temple Sinai Sisterhood)


Send your name and address (if different)

with check payable to Temple Sinai Sisterhood to Ellen Dix’s home or to the Temple Sinai Office in an envelope marked: “Maj Jongg” or Venmo Temple Sinai Sisterhood.

   Contact Ellen Dix with questions at 856-764-1716  or ellendix@aol.com


Cinnaminson Festival

Holiday Lighting Celebration

Friday, December 9 at 6PM at Wood Park.

Wood Park is located at the intersection of Riverton Road and Pomona Road. On this evening both the Christmas Tree and the Menorah will be lit


Sunday, December 18 at 6PM at Wood Park.

Join us for children’s games, a dreidle scavenger hunt, Chanukah songs, hot chocolate and sufganiot(doughnuts) and candle lighting at Wood Park. The festivities begin at 4:30 PM culminating in candle lighting at 5pm. All are welcome!


The Menorah at Wood Park will also be lit each evening during Chanukah. We hope you’ll join us!

If your family wants to turn the switch to light the menorah on one of the nights of Chanukah, pleae contact Stacey Blacker.

Children’s Toy Collection 

Working with the Bread of Life Food Pantry,

Temple Sinai has a request for four toys. 

These will be posted on angel cut-outs located on the Bulletin Board by the Temple Sinai Office.

Gifts need to be returned to the office by Sunday 12/11/22, unwrapped with the angel attached.

Thank you all for this mitzvah!
For any questions call Shelley Sbar (609)706-7858.



Sunday, December 18


Temple Sinai’s Family Chanukah Party in the Fineblum Chapel

10:30 – 12:30 PM

Religious School will be

from 9 – 10:30AM on this morning.


This year’s  Hanukkah Party will feature a Krav Maga demonstration.  Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art. Developed for the Israel Defense Forces, it is derived from a combination of techniques used in aikido, judo, karate, boxing, and wrestling. It is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency.


Our Chanukah Party will also include games, prizes, latkes, dreidels, gelt and  more.  Join us for all the Chanukah fun.


Temple Sinai Sisterhood Hanukkah Brunch in the Main Sanctuary 

11:00 AM

Join the ladies as we celebrate the holiday together.  Bring a Menorah and a special holiday story to share. Please RSVP to the Temple Sinai Office by Tuesday, Dec. 13. 

  • Charlie DiFazio
  • Dee Herrmann
  • Stella Geller,  mother of Perri Geller-Clark
  • James Hyland, father of Morah Kim
  • Jack Israel
  • Sheikha Maryam Kabeer, mother of Issa Kabeer
  • Alan Kramer
  • Rich Lewis
  • June Margolis
  • Dorothy Minkoff
  • Salvatore Perice
  • Connie Rafelson
  • Jeff Swartz 
  • Carolyn Woodruffn

American Red Cross and Temple Sinai

Blood drive at Temple Sinai

Sunday, January 15



MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY by clicking on the link below. 




or go to http://www.redcrossblood.org

and use Sponsor Code: Temple Sinai


All donors in January will receive a coupon for a free Medium Dunkin’ Beverage and free Egg & Cheese Wake-Up Wrap!


Area hospital patients are counting on you!

Join Rabbi Perice tonight for services to relax, unwind and welcome the Sabbath.

Friday, December 2

Shabbat Service at 7:00 PM 

(Hybrid) in person at Temple Sinai in the Fineblum Chapel and on Zoom


Saturday, December 3

Shabbat Morning Service and Torah Discussion at 9:30 AM

(Hybrid) in person at Temple Sinai

in the Fineblum Chapel and on Zoom

  • Havdalah on Zoom at 7PM with Rabbi and Rachael Perice 

Temple Sinai Zoom Meeting

# 867 890 4477

Join Zoom Meeting


YAHRZEITS will be read for the following people:

  • Phil Bogdonoff, founding member of TS
  • Annie Brasloff, grandmother of Alan Cills
  • Samuel Goodman, uncle of Stan David
  • Bill Lopatin, step-father of Rich Lewis
  • Sam Schneider, grandfather of Lois Goldberg
  • Stephen Tatkovsky, brother of Debbie Roberts

John & Janet Khanlian, celebrating 33 years together on December 3


  • David Chodikoff – December 3
  • Vida Gaffin – December 5
  • Jason Schoenfeld – December 5
  • David Cutler – December 6
  • Scott MacKinnon – December 8
  • Tre Rubinsky – December 8

Collect them at home or at your place of business and bring them into Temple Sinai.  Place them in the box just outside the Temple Sinai Office.

Please return your High Holiday Prayerbooks

 If you still have a High Holiday Prayerbook, please return them to the Temple Sinai office.