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Temple Sinai Happenings – October 2, 2020




The Temple Sinai Happenings


Be sure to read all the way to the bottom.

Friday, October 2nd — Erev Sukkot

Zoom services as normal with our regular Zoom



Saturday, October 3rd — Day 1: Sukkot

Abbreviated 10:30AM Service in the Sukkah with Rabbi Perice. We will be Davening Shacharit, chanting Hallel, and observing the ritual of Hoshanot. There will be no Torah service.  Services will be in the Sukkah for the first 15 people to RSVP.  It will be Zoomed on the regular Zoom Mtg #8678904477 for those who can’t come in. Please RSVP to Stacey Blacker.



Sunday, October 4th — Day 2: Sukkot — 9:30AM Joint Services with CBT & Har Zion (led by Har Zion)   Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 815 3060 8986


October 4th thru 8th is Hol Hamoed: 

People wanting to come into the Sukkah and pray, eat or shake the lulav/ etrog please contact Amy to make a reservation.  Because of Covid-19 proper cleaning and sanitizing will need to be done after every visit.

While we understand that this virus has limited your special & meaningful interactions AT the synagogue, safety is still our main priority.  The safety of our members is important and we ask that people who are considered “at risk” or “compromised” or feeling un-well should please stay home.  All services will be on Zoom so you won’t miss anything.



Friday, October 9th Erev Shemini Atzeret:

7 PM Friday Night Service with our regular Zoom Mtg #8678904477


Saturday, October 10th:  Shemini Atzeret:

Virtual Saturday Morning Service with Yizkor. 

Havdalah at 7:08 pm via Normal Zoom with Rabbi & Rachael Perice


Sunday, October 11th — Simchat Torah: 9:30 AM Joint Service with CBT & Har Zion   (led by CBT)    Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 819 9155 1870




Join us for Shabbat Services by Zoom

  • 6:30  Log on to smooze
  • 7:00  Shabbat Services 

Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 867 890 4477


YAHRZEITS will be read for the following people:


  • Bea Kushner
  • Harriet Medvene, sister-in-law of Perri Dash
  • Shirley Rosenthal
  • Albert Rubinstein, father of Lynn Grobman
  • Samuel Sobel,  grandfather of Susan Goldberg
  • Deborah Solowey,  daughter of Bunny & Jerry Solowey
  • Paul Wang, father-in-law of Pola Wang

Our hearts go out to the Cills Family on the passing of Carole’s brother, Floyd Lane.


May the memory of Floyd Lane be a blessing and a comfort for all who knew and loved him.






Join in for a

Spark of Torah,

Every Saturday,

 10:30 – 11:30 AM led by 

Rabbi Perice

All through ZOOM ID # 8678904477

Please return your High Holiday Prayerbook by Wednesday, Oct 5. 

If you have no use for the Yizkor Remembrance Booklet, please return that also to Temple Sinai for proper Jewish burial. Any other items in the High Holiday bag that you do not have a use for may be returned so as to not be wasteful.


Temple Sinai Sisterhood

will not

be participating in Boscov’s Day

this year.


We remember our dear friend Zeke Berlin with Rutgers University as they honor Zeke’s memory by lowering the Rutgers flag in front of the Old Queens Building to half staff on

October 7 and 8, 2020

Zeke was Chairman of the Theater Department at Rutgers.





  • Jan & Richard Alexander, Diane DiFazio’s parents
  • Debbie Cohen
  • Hollis Cohen, sister-in-law of Annette Yellin
  • Ellen Dix
  • Heather Engle, (daughter-in-law of Amy & Bruce Engle)
  • Regina Israel, wife of Jack Israel
  • June Margolis
  • Sheldon Mednick
  • Ezra Daniel Rutolo, grandson of Paula Pappas
  • Arlene Salkin
  • David Staiman





Happy Birthday to:


  • Elaine Wolk-Kaufman, celebrating her B’day on October 2
  • Robert Bliss, celebrating on  October 5
  • Carole Cills, celebrating on October 7

Chair Yoga For All Ages

Zoom ID #




with our own Yoga Instructor, Jill Croft


Mondays at 11 AM


Wednesdays at 4pm

Join Jill Croft as she helps you to loosen and stretch muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation.  Yoga can also reduce anxiety, help lower blood pressure, protect joints, and build strength and balance.    Do it at your own pace and start on the road to health.  

NOW ON SALE!  $15   Good till Sept 2021


  • Join at https://www.foodbookonline.com/join.
  • Sign up with your e-mail address and a password.
  • Choose Temple Sinai from the fundraiser drop-down list.
  • Fill out the billing and payment information.
  • Access the coupon directory and redeem your coupons through 9/1/2021.


Every Tuesday and Thursday


10:30 -11:30 AM

Zoom ID# 8678904477


Help Temple Sinai Plan: We get together over Zoom and do a little planning to

help Temple Sinai navigate the future. 

We could use your input.

All are welcome. 


Book Club

by way of ZOOM ID # 8678904477


This Book club is the perfect way to keep reading, talk about what you’re reading, and connect with other Temple Sinai friends.  The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house to join in.  Buy your book online (new or used) or read as an ebook.


Wednesday, October 14 at 7:00 PM  – Review of The Last Bathing Beauty   by: Amy Sue Nathan



The Last Bathing Beauty takes us back to the summer of 1951 in South Haven, Michigan, an area affectionately regarded as “the Catskills of the Midwest” filled with resorts for the area’s Jewish families. Betty Claire Stern is the granddaughter of the owners of Stern’s Summer Resort and this will be her last summer with her best friends before heading to New York City to attend Barnard College. It’s the story of endearing characters full of secrets and enough regrets for a lifetime.





Virtual Wine Tasting

that can be attended

from just about ANYWHERE!


October 17 at 7:30 PM


The ultimate stay-at-home event and fundraiser for Temple Sinai.


Join hosts Stacey Blacker & Steve Pinchuk for this unique wine tasting.



Sample and learn about wines from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and New Zealand — discussion will be led by Steve Pinchuk, Vice President of Sales at Vintage Imports.

Stacey & Steve bring almost 60 years experience in the wine business and have traveled all over the world gaining their knowledge.

When you sign up for this event, 5 wines will be delivered to your door, along with the materials to follow the on-line discussion (and the Zoom password).

From novice to expert, this wine tasting has something for everyone.


To sign up, contact Stacey Blacker at 609-841-7875 by text or call.
Save your place by Venmo @Stacey-Blacker (checks and credit cards accepted too — $4 cc fee will be applied).

Each kit is $65. 

Perfect for a couple or to share with friends. Each kit will accommodate 2-4 people generously — any more & you drink less!
Questions or to sign up, contact: itsblacker@hotmail.com



Introduction to

 Doing More Than Recycling!


Presented by

Rich Traube and Elaine Mendelow Pinchuk


Sunday, October 18

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.


Zoom:  867 890 4477



Start off the year 5781

by learning and making a difference.


Join two Temple Sinai members,

Rich Traube and Elaine Mendelow Pinchuk,

who have taken the

Climate Reality Global Training Program

this summer with Al Gore.


See and hear some info that might be new to you and engage in thinking about opportunities where we can make a difference!  Join us in

identifying some action items we can undertake at the synagogue and for congregant families in their homes

to improve our carbon footprint.



There will be time to ask questions.



New Jersey Kosher Meal Distribution


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) withTeach NJ and partners are supplying kosher meals at multiple distribution sites around the state. There is no charge, all households with children age 18 and under are eligible. 

 You may pick up a box of food every week as they have a budget through the end of the year. 


For more information, go to








with Seth Fineblum


Zoom ID# 8678904477


Saturday, November 7 at 7:00 PM




Send your check to the Temple Sinai Office with who you would like to be on a team with and we will send you the Password to participate in this fun evening.


4 Rounds of Trivia



Form your own teams of 5 or 6 people:

Tell us who you would like to be on a team together with and we will break you up into “Breakout Rooms” on Zoom so that you can discuss the answers to trivia questions without anyone else hearing.  


You may also join us on this night alone

and we’ll put you onto a team. 



Contact Seth at mistersdf@gmail.com with questions.


Join us with your family and friends for a night of fun and friendly competition.