Temple Sinai Happenings – September 3, 2021



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 Wishing you all a Good Shabbas.

 Join Rabbi Perice tonight for services to relax, unwind and welcome the Sabbath.



YAHRZEITS will be read for the following people:


  • Rhoda Freedman
  • Selma Cutler, mother of Barbara Fineblum / grandmother of Seth Fineblum
  • Abraham Gorenberg, father of Chuck Gorenberg
  • Bernard Hyder, father Carl Hyder
  • Madeline Kessler, grandmother of Bill Kessler
  • Sie Schos, grandfather of Johanna Schoss
  • Fay Schachter, grandmother of David Horowitz
  • Tillie Solowey, mother-in-law of Bunny Solowey



  • Stella Geller, mother of Perri Geller-Clark
  • Jack Israel
  • Gary Koehler, friend of Amy Engle
  • Alan Kramer
  • June Margolis
  • Janet Khanlian
  • John Khanlian
  • Roz and Stuart Leventhal, Janet Khanlian’s brother and sister-in-law
  • Vivian Lewis
  • Connie Rafelson
  • Bachia Rochaela, mother of Issa Kabeer


Happy Anniversary to:

  • Scott & Julie MacKinnon, celebrating 21 years together on September 3
  • Marty & Rose Rose, celebrating 38 years together on September 4
  • Harold & Dorothy Minkoff, celebrating 70 years together on September 9


Happy Birthday to:

  • Bruce Engle, celebrating on September 4
  • Alison Atz, celebrating on September 8
  • Diane DiFazio, celebrating on September 9
  • Eileen Perice, celebrating on September 9



Temple Sinai Zoom Meeting

Number: 867 890 4477

Join Zoom Meeting





Join in for a Spark of Torah, Saturday, September 4.

10:30 – 11:30 AM led by
Rabbi Perice

All through ZOOM ID
867 890 4477


Erev Rosh Hashana (Monday, Sept. 6) Service at 7:00 PM

In person and via Zoom

Rosh Hashana Day 1 (Tuesday, Sept. 7)

  • Family Service with Steve Hochman at 9:15 AM via Zoom. Lasting 45 – 60 minutes.
  • Regular Service at 10:30 AM – 1 PM In person and via Zoom

Rosh Hashana Day 2 (Wednesday, Sept. 8)

Our services will be all virtual (details forthcoming) beginning at 10:30am

Tashlich Service (Wednesday, Sept. 8)

4:00 pm – in person at Fountain Farms Park (Willow Drive in Cinnaminson only blocks from Temple Sinai). Tashlich is a ceremony observed near a body of water on Rosh Hashanah. Crumbs of bread, symbolizing one’s sins, are cast into the water and carried away, just as we hope that our sins and transgressions will be forgiven. This is a very short Ceremony and is great for families. Bring Your Mask and Bread

Kol Nidre (Wednesday, September 15) In-person and via Zoom, beginning at 7pm

Yom Kippur (Thursday, September 16) In-person and via Zoom.

  • Family service at 9:15am
  • Regular service at 10:30am – 1pm

Proof of vaccination is required if you are attending in-person High Holiday Services.

Watch your email on Sunday as we’ll be sending out special details concerning Zoom information and passcode for the High Holidays.

Temple Sinai

Meet new member,

Neil Goldfarb.

Neil recently moved from Brigantine to Collingswood.

Neil grew up on Long Island but has lived in South Jersey for 30 years. He has two pet dogs, adopted from an animal shelter. His other pet, Apollo, is a parrot that he’s had for 35 years! Neil’s business is The Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition of Health Employers, which keeps him very busy.

Why did he choose to join Temple Sinai?

He attended virtual services and enjoyed them. He thinks Rabbi Perice is great! He looks forward to being an active member of Temple Sinai!

Temple Sinai has the


So many in your Temple Sinai Family worked to bring sweetness to your home when they prepared and delivered your High Holiday Bag. A big Todah Rabah to Ellen & Phil Dix, Fay David, Vivian Lewis, Dorothy & Harold Minkoff, Sandee & Mark Perry, Elaine Pinchuk, Rose Rose, Arlene Salkin, Lois Schmeidler, and Gail Siegel as they assembled your High Holiday bag. Delivery of the bags was another labor of love enthusiastically delivered by Danny Bagelle, Stacey, Marcia and Alan Blacker, Ellen Dix, Wendy List, Rose & Marty Rose, Gail Siegel, Michael Silver, Lois Schmeidler, Johanna Schoss, Harriett Summers, and Rachael Wise.

A special thank you to all of our sponsors of the honey bear project, giving Temple Sinai the opportunity to reach out to each and every Temple Sinai member.