Temple Sinai honors students, faculty of its Hebrew school

This article originally appeared in the June 17, 2020 Jewish Community Voice

The Temple Sinai Congregation recently gathered via Zoom to honor its Hebrew School faculty and students for making the most of a difficult year, followed by Shabbat Services. The teachers have been teaching virtually from the beginning of the stay-at-home orders and students have enthusiastically embraced their video studies. Some of the teachers are continuing to run classes over the summer at the students’ request. All of the students have worked very hard this year, learning Hebrew, Jewish customs, the prophets, and to take pride in their Jewish identities.

Marcia Blacker, Temple Sinai Hebrew School principal, led the program and presented awards to students. Every year, the congregation recognizes students for the exceptional acts of service and lovingkindness they have performed. This year, the honored students were: Vance Cohen, Gabi Rappaport, Ethan Schrier, Zane Cohen, Wyatt Urbanski, Ari Grundel, Ben Deutsch, Jaclyn Urbanski, Josh Vitalli, and Jacon Fusfield, who independently established a sock donation program. Special thanks were extended to Ella Cohen and Jaclyn Urbanski for keeping the school parsley crop watered and alive. Other students received honors for their academic progress. Grayson Cohen, Brian List, Wyatt Urbanski, and Jaclyn Urbanski received honors as the Outstanding Hebrew Language Students in their respective grades.

The synagogue also recognized Brian List as the hardest working student and most improved reader in the intermediate Hebrew level; Vance Cohen for his effort in class; Josh Vitale for his hard work to reach higher levels; and Adam Rappaport for his deep thinking and skepticism that makes class very enjoyable. The pre-barmitzvah students—Ben Deutsch, Brian List, and Ethan Schrier—have been hard at work learning Torah tropes via Zoom. Sisterhood Award for outstanding Dalet-level student

The prestigious Kessler Award, given in memory of Madeline, Alan, and Selma Kessler and their family, is an honor that comes with a Hebrew School tuition grant. Thanks to the on-going generosity of Bill and Susan Kessler, Seth Wimmer, Gabi Rappaport, Jaden Cohen, and Emma Zablin received Kessler awards.

Emma Schrier, a student in the Temple Sinai confirmation class, also received special recognition for her extraordinary efforts in creating and running the Shabbat Heroes program for young children that takes place prior to the congregational service, and this year accepted a role leading the new Sinai Sprouts program for children ages 3-5 one Sunday a month. Emma continued her programs virtually as well, and hopes to be back in person soon with the Sprouts program.

Congratulations to our amazing students and teachers on so successfully completing this most unusual school year.

Yasher Koach all!!!!