Temple Sinai is an egalitarian, Conservative synagogue in Burlington County, New Jersey committed to the following:

  • Hachnasat Orchim: We are a warm and accepting congregation devoted to diversity where we respect and honor our members for who they are.
  • L’dor V’dor:  We provide a comfortable environment dedicated to the continuity of Jewish life through education, study of Torah, worship, and the celebration of Jewish customs and traditions.
  • Kehillah:  We serve the Jewish community, the wider community, and the State of Israel though acts of Tikuum Olam (repairing the world), and G’milut Chasadim (acts of living kindness) to those in need.

Temple Sinai Vision Statement


  • Our building will be full of members of all ages, filled with Baruch Habah (welcome) humility, ruach, and religious experiences to fit every stage of Jewish life.
  • Acknowledging our responsibility for one another, we will pledge our talents and resources to assure the well-being of our community.
  • We will conduct the business of the synagogue with compassion, integrity, fiscal and environmental responsibility.
  • All segments of the synagogue will work together respectfully; the leadership, the clergy, the school, the staff, and the congregants.
  • Fulfilling our commitment to Conservative Judaism, we will actively participate in the Conservative Movement as a contemporary and progressive community.

We Are a Caring Community

  • Where Jewish values are learned and lived in all aspects of synagogue life and is evident in the way we speak with and care for one another.
  • Where we will celebrate with you in times of joy and support you in times of need.
  • Where we will accept you for whom you are.
  • Where we aspire to be a community where strangers become friends and friends become family, and we nurture each other on our paths to spirituality and wholeness.

Religion and Spirituality

  • Realizing we all pray differently, we will provide opportunities for prayers that are meaningful and relevant to a diverse community.
  • Our Services will provide opportunities to explore your own understanding of being Jewish whether sitting in the congregation or leading from the bema.
  • We will continue to be tolerant and respectful of others’ practice of Judaism and other religions and knowledgeable enough to know the differences.
  • We will provide opportunities for religious growth whether it be leading services, reading Torah, blowing shofar, or participating in sermon dialog or study brunches.
  • Recognizing the increasing rate of intermarriage, we will welcome the non-Jewish partner and offer opportunities for meaningful participation for the entire family.

Support Israel

  • As a congregation and as individuals, we will have a strong connection to Israel.
  • We will aspire to the Ahavat Yisrael model – a love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Tikkun Olam

  • We will engage in Tikum Olam – repair of the world through social and economic justice, environmental stewardship, understanding through interfaith dialog, deeds of loving-kindness, and B’Shalom (in peace).
  • We will follow the Shema which directs us to be responsible for one another. We will commit with our hearts, souls, and material resources to help those in need.


  • As education is integral to living Jewish lives, we will commit ourselves to life-long Jewish study.
  • We aspire to offer high-quality learning opportunities for our entire community.
  • Our educational opportunities will prepare us to live Jewishly.

In these ways and more, we shall be a Kehilah Kedoshah – A Holy Community.